David Edmonds
Industry Committee Chairman A100

David is an accomplished technology entrepreneur and a vital advisor to Alberta Fund II companies. During his 30+ -year career in the technology industry, David has founded four successful technology businesses, launched industry leading-edge products while in leadership roles at NCR, SHL Systemhouse and Computerland, and run his own private equity firm. Among his ventures, David co-founded Burntsand in April 1995, a company that grew into a TSE-listed full-service systems integrator, which was ultimately purchased by OpenText in 2010. David is also Chairman of the Board of Buffalo Inspections Services, a NDT (Non Destructive Testing) firm for the pipeline industry, and for iConnectivity Inc. a hardware manufacturer of innovative interfaces for musicians to connect their musical and audio instruments to their computers or iOS devices. He is also a Director with Userful, a Visual Networking Platform provider that helps organizations to take maximum advantage of video and other visual displays; and with nFluids, a chemical company that creates nanoparticle additives from a variety of pre-cursors to serve specific industry problems.