Zamplo Inc. is a mission-driven social enterprise, founded in 2015. Zamplo has created a person-centered connected health platform that provides a central location for individuals to track their whole health data while staying connected to their clinicians, caregivers, researchers and the health community.

With informed consent, the Zamplo App can be used to collect patient-reported outcomes (PROs) between participants and researchers through an integration with the electronic data capture platform, Zamplo Research. This integration supports patient-centered research by streamlining study enrolment, providing tools for PRO collection, and focusing on participant engagement and quality of life. Researchers and clinicians can engage participants in their own care as participants retain control of their data and can access their personal health information to make more informed decisions.

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Zamplo co-founders

Left to right: Shaneel Pathak, CEO & Co-Founder; Cory Kapser, CTO & Co-Founder; and Mike Urquhart, COO, CFO & Co-Founder.

Shaneel Pathak
CEO and Co-Founder
Calgary, AB