True Angle

True Angle’s mission is to improve lives through smarter technology, meaningful connections, and personal health insights. Our first step in that mission is to help people living with swallowing disorders break perceived barriers. To do that, True Angle took a costly, inconvenient, and inaccessible clinical intervention that is used to provide biofeedback on swallowing exercises, and created an affordable, convenient, data-driven health@home technology. The Mobili-T® consists of a small wireless sensor that is supported by “smart” software that provides custom exercise targets and feedback, as well as daily adherence tracking, all of which can be shared with a clinician. This pocket-sized technology is empowering people to take charge of their health and find joy in the life they are living.

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True Angle team

The three co-founders of True Angle from left to right: CTO Dylan Scott, MSc PEng, CEO Jana Rieger, PhD and CPO Gabi Constantinescu, PhD.

Jana Rieger, PhD
CEO and Co-Founder
Edmonton, AB