Syantra Inc. is a precision biotechnology company changing the way cancer is detected and treated with revolutionary high-performance blood-based tests providing a new way to help detect cancer. Its flagship product, the Syantra DX™ Breast Cancer test, is a minimally invasive and high-performance blood test for the detection of breast cancer signals at the earliest stages when breast cancer is easier to treat. It utilizes a suite of biomarkers and proprietary artificial intelligence-generated algorithms to provide a positive or negative result. Syantra DX represents an early entrant into the emerging molecular diagnostic sector.

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Syantra Inc. team

Left to right: Kenneth Fuh, PhD, MLT, Co-Founder & Director of Product Development, Bob Shepherd, Co-Founder, President & COO, Kristina Rinker, PhD, PEng, Co-Founder & CSO, and Xiuling Wang, PhD Senior Scientist & Commercial Lab Manager.

Rob Lozuk
Calgary, AB