Dryrun is the fastest growing cloud platform to forecast cash flow, revenue and growth with the flexibility and automation that businesses need. Selected by Intuit as a Top-10 global new app in 2017, Dryrun was part of the ‘100K App Showdown’ and featured at several events throughout North America. Dryrun’s unique technology and feature set delivers first-of-its-kind insights to accountants, CFOs and controllers. It brings a cost-effective and highly flexible, collaborative platform, bringing excellent value by the clients they serve. Also in 2017, Dryrun was selected by the Government of Canada as a top-32 Canadian FinTech company hosted at the 2017 SIBOS conference in Toronto. Dryrun just completed the AICPA-CIMA Startup Accelerator Program, whose objective is to strengthen the abilities of individual accountants or finance teams to be the go-to analysts, strategists and consultants to their clients globally. Dryrun is changing the world by supporting clients and partners over 70 countries and multiple platforms.

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Blaine Bertsch
CEO and Co-founder
Edmonton, AB