Congratulations to StellarAlgo for the A100 One to Watch Win

Posted by Accelerate Fund | November 14, 2018

Hats off to the StellarAlgo team who was recognized with The A100 One to Watch award at Startup Calgary’s annual launch party last night.

StellarAlgo is a SaaS data analytics company that helps sports and entertainment organizations maximize the engagement and lifetime value of their customers. StellarAlgo earned A100 One to Watch recognition for demonstrating standout growth and promise over the last year. Accelerate Fund II is a proud investor in StellarAlgo.

Watch the video of Vincent Ircandia, Founder & CEO at StellarAlgo acceptance comments.

See more award news from last night at Startup Calgary.

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Accelerate Fund II is an early-stage angel co-investment fund in Alberta. We co-invest alongside angel investors in financing rounds and will typically invest up to $500,000 on the same terms and conditions as private investors. We work with formal angel groups, super-angels, family funds, and individual angel investors. Accelerate Fund II invests in private, early-stage Alberta companies in knowledge-based industries including: information and communications technology, clean and energy technology, as well as life sciences, including agriculture and biotech. Accelerate Fund II is managed by Yaletown Partners with the support of The A100. Alberta Enterprise Corporation is Accelerate Fund II’s Limited Partner. 

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