Calgary Flames TV Video: Teaming up with StellarAlgo

Posted by Accelerate Fund | November 19, 2019

Check out how Calgary Sports and Entertainment is partnering with StellarAlgo to boost fan engagement and guide design direction for the new Calgary arena.

Watch Flames TV Video:

“The messaging that we receive today is at a volume, scale and pace that’s never been the case at any point in history,” explains Vincent Ircandia, StellarAlgo Founder and CEO. “So it’s really incumbent upon sports and entertainment properties to start to use information to better nurture fan relationships. It starts with foundational understanding of who their fans are and what they might be most interested in going into the future.”

“Our fans are changing and so is how they are using technology,” observes Ziad Mehio, CSEC Vice President Technology & Food and Beverage, IT. “We’re asking, how do we simplify how fans interact with us, how do we personalize how fans engage with us?

Right now, we are in the design phase for a new arena. Data-driven decisions are going to be critical in determining do we have enough WIFI, do we have enough washrooms, do we have enough concession, is our point of sale simple? In partnership with StellarAlgo we’re going to [have data insight to] leverage our investment in the new Calgary arena to create something that is spectacular for everybody,” added Mehio.

Hats off to Accelerate Fund portfolio company – Calgary-based StellarAlgo.

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