Why join us on a deal?

The Accelerate Fund provides an alternate source of financing to Alberta technology startups that aren’t yet venture capital ready. Our fund managers are currently seeking angel investors as co-investment partners for the $15-million Accelerate Fund III.

The Accelerate Fund seeks to bring multiple angel investors into deals and encourages collaboration among angels. We typically invest $250,000 as a first investment in a company, and strive to bring in angel capital that is two to three times more than the amount of the Accelerate Fund III investment. We will work with formal angel groups, super-angels, family funds, and individual angel investors. Our team is always happy to share due diligence materials with angels in order to give them the confidence they need to invest.

In some cases, Accelerate Fund can join in on deals under previously drafted terms and conditions. However, all proposed terms would be subject to review. For example, if the valuation or term sheet is drafted in such a way that it may limit future investment, a revision may be negotiated. Some additional terms of investment may also be developed.

The opportunity to secure an early round that combined angel investment and venture capital was a great fit for our stage of growth. Accelerate Fund’s openness to other angels wanting to invest in us has been key in the fit.

Dave Damer Founder and CEO of Testfire Labs

Key for us is scaling sales. Brad and Dave provide partnership connections and insight on potential markets and the introductions and knowledge they’ve shared has already helped extend our market reach.

Colin Knox CEO of Passportal

We are passionate about building a successful biotech business in Alberta. The Accelerate Fund II managers, Yaletown Partners and the A100, share our passion and provide us with strategic capital.

David Lloyd CEO and Co-Founder of FREDsense

Connect with us

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